For more than ten years, Ternopil State Medical University has it`s own medical center, which is located in the hostel N 1 at Zhyvova street.

The health of students is followed by highly qualified specialists. Students are consult by physicians: Vasyl Oleksiyovych Kachor and nurses staff: Iryna Mychaylivna Pelechata and Iryna Yevgenivna Chuyko. The foreigners receive the greatest care. The schedule of consultations of the qualified specialists is carried.

The location of the medical unit has a good location, which ensures its accessibility to visitors. Students receive surveys and emergency care in comfortable conditions using modern medical equipment.

Due to the implementation of the system of electronic document management and registration, the staff of the medical center keep a record of the results of the fluorographic examination and conclusion of the prevention of student surveys using the latest software. In addition, all students and staff of TSMU can receive proper medical care. The medical center of TSMU annually holds vaccinations for the students.